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[最新] ISO fight - E-5 vs K-5?

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3 P% X/ v, d9 q6 b9 M  [世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站
& H: ?" n( ~$ s0 nolddo.comI just got the new issue of Popular Photography at home and I am shocked with their "fair" full test of Pentax K-5!
9 j$ i; K7 G! q. mPlease keep in mind the K-5 so far is the best APS-C camera (same sensor with D7000?) with ISO control all the way upto 51200!!! It is accepted and admitted to outperform than D300s, D7000, 7D, 60D, and whatever you name them in APS-C system.
5 u  A+ v; n8 Z1 n! w+ b- M$ A世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站& K: J. n# O: D5 d( \
K-5 ISO   80        1.2
  k9 |, o2 \( |% H# w1 Y世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站             100        1.3世界初攝影團8 ]+ Y8 |8 E) B7 G# a/ q# A1 R
             200        1.5
. r' ?! v8 W9 N. E( ^: M9 k* C世界初攝影團             400        1.9世界初攝影團( e1 A( }: e  J% ~# l, k0 D
             800        2.2
* O. p0 m$ ], `$ |7 O" }世界初攝影團            1600       2.7 (moderate)olddo.com0 z* S# O3 M9 e# ]6 d' S
            3200       3.4 (unacceptable)olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3, q- T4 d) e2 f, t: y" ]4 t% M
            6400       5.1 (unacceptable); U- E$ b5 J/ w/ k- C; Q0 [& [
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl30 b5 |: a, w' ]; {. K
E-5 ISO   80        --
$ r+ m0 X, p5 e4 T- ]世界初攝影團             100        1.0olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3) e- t) T/ V; d- n" y+ T* ~% a& t
             200        1.2
& y/ S9 i( ^9 i* p) o( o$ `世界初攝影團             400        1.4
, Z/ ^% x8 d7 _/ v  l) k4 h世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站             800        1.3
& }& G9 B8 M$ k; I/ I: g世界初攝影團            1600       1.8olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3/ v. i4 z( F' {/ L& K0 r
            3200       2.7 (moderate)olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3: e, X0 i7 q% i
            6400       4.2 (unacceptable)
- \; K2 k9 y3 `5 X世界初攝影團(from last issue)世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站7 [. ^8 o# Z" r8 I1 @3 ^' a

5 J! [( |: {9 YHow do you think about it? olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3& P9 N! i% w& X- L4 T
E-5's ISO at 1600 is about the same with K-5's ISO at 400!!! Wow! this is a very famous magazine and they have triple checked their data before publishing them. 世界初攝影團7 k6 T9 S% M, q) @: ~9 ~% g/ s, E/ y
世界初攝影團1 @! a, o* y: G4 y: Y+ S
Welcome to give us your thought!



2 j/ o( F8 }: D: k  u8 v) b世界初攝影團olddo.com5 ~4 ?& W# e& \
K-5是目前公認APS-C中ISO表現最好的機種, (大家普遍接受比D300s, D7000, 7D, 60D等新機種都來的好), 最高ISO甚至可以飆到51200.世界初攝影團! p$ F$ \; J" G% y+ W3 d
世界初攝影團& ]# u! L/ z: W4 A: g
但Popular Photography對K5所做的評測中顯示的資料表示, E-5的ISO表現, ISO 1600居然可以維持在K-5 ISO 400 的水準. 很令人不可置信.世界初攝影團) _/ H  l# Q# e: H, k) B
尤其這雜誌相當有名, 在公開數據前都會在三檢查無誤. 想看大家的看法.


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( ~2 F3 @4 s/ C, H  {世界初攝影團' ~6 C. e9 E4 U0 m
Thank you for the translation! I have no way and don't know how to type Chinese from my computer in USA!世界初攝影團7 i9 v) q# I. f( L, A

% r) f  F' h; f世界初攝影團Thanks, ?! e) k' \' ]% O% O: [! E+ n$ o


How many time you need to use high ISO?世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站) v9 ~% p4 q. z8 Z- e& Z

+ }0 D  }. i' ^, ^% |+ Uolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3For me 90% ISO 100-400, 9.9% ISO 800-1600, 0.1% ISO 3200 and above.世界初攝影團, q/ o+ E, b9 Z- U

/ K9 U6 R( T% j9 i* colddo.comHigh ISO is no more big problem for Olympus and it depends on how you use it!
9 @+ W+ g0 k" q6 e3 M5 _+ rolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3世界初攝影團, t$ H8 S; r% ]6 u/ r0 W# u
It's time for me to buy E-5 or (processer V5+)! Yeh! :-)


學學英文也是不錯的阿世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站( G/ e8 F  e) l) g' Y6 C( n8 L+ u
: S& G# R7 [5 [1 rolddo.com我是真的很少很少用到high iso
9 h/ S. O6 d' S; T' Z6 Qolddo.comolddo.com7 B9 A- i, W9 y- Y" Z( x; Q  f


回復 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130109&ptid=18033]marxxu3ru 的帖子[/url]1 t6 N/ c9 P% Z, \/ I- t, X

; s' q. W  w- b, i9 U' I# L2 O2 eolddo.com其實我英文也看不懂,若遇到相同情形,我會用奇摩的英文翻譯,來翻譯文章也很方便


回復 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130163&ptid=18033]ajohnchg 的帖子[/url]世界初攝影團" C' x! [! ~$ {# T" E. R" t" a

/ I' D! y5 [8 g( e( s0 `( }( @世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站I went to pick up previous issue of Popular Photography magazine with review of D7000 and D60.世界初攝影團9 ^! w  l3 |- ?) H8 L$ c

# i' |7 P& w! `+ r0 L" D5 [世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站Here is the data only for ISO performance.
5 ]# l$ R' {0 u# C! I3 o. A& R; H8 Z7 j' J. u+ R
D7000 ISO  100  1.2 世界初攝影團1 V! u8 u+ `: K3 L
                  200  1.5
2 h& N6 k; P+ v                  400  1.7
; j2 y1 v0 \, E6 y$ |7 ?! D8 i% }                  800  1.8
8 S! o. q) O$ s* f* \# W4 Solddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3                1600  2.3. r& ^$ i# o2 g
                3200  3.6 (unacceptable)
( X* @; ?& V( Y6 @! r0 b/ X/ u                6400  4.48 l: X# _+ E( H

; ^2 R; J& t8 F) {" WD60     ISO  100  1.1 8 k, R- O8 U- R- V' t
                  200  1.2世界初攝影團( q+ O+ L& w0 E; z
                  400  1.5
3 e  |, N$ Y- R$ w世界初攝影團                  800  1.8
3 b! F2 }4 e2 O% S' \                1600  2.2
5 X! l3 T" L# P! F5 h( D:                3200  2.4; w2 D  D5 J- S4 j# I$ \) K
                6400  3.4 (unacceptable)世界初攝影團# B, q" S# m0 E: f! P5 K/ w

8 J) o, ^/ z7 @$ B% I! r世界初攝影團E5 in ISO do look like a winner. D60 is the one close/beat E5 after 3200 which is rarely being used by most of us. All the images at that range will be bad.
0 ?1 O) D+ Y9 h; [6 L; F
4 K% E$ \  Q- x1 O世界初攝影團There is no comparison for GH2 in this battle. It still doing a good job from ISO 100-400.世界初攝影團3 t2 m- @6 l0 w3 d* ^
GH2    ISO  100  1.1 世界初攝影團2 }8 s5 v, }4 Q- o/ J
                  200  1.2olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl33 Y) |. ^  \; b! `) l0 @
                  400  1.7
- L$ w( M' c; K7 A4 K2 T% p" [世界初攝影團                  800  2.8
0 X3 v. a; _( p1 I)                1600  5.1 (unacceptable)世界初攝影團7 u0 s8 Q3 M+ a0 ~+ s8 Z" j
                3200  7.9世界初攝影團. d5 N( q7 ^) C; o
                6400 11.9世界初攝影團6 ]# F+ B7 J) K% v5 G

$ P2 v: V5 B6 g2


本帖最後由 OlympusDSLR 於 2011-2-16 00:22 編輯 ' d6 U2 e7 P/ u2 D7 h
世界初攝影團# j9 D* l! t( Q1 \$ Y7 H  V
by the way, I wanna know  what they mean? (I marked them with red color)
7 u* x3 S& ^: i0 i. a/ I' E世界初攝影團
' M! Y( `# B8 q世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站E-5 ISO   80        --6 H* w* }# l3 H
             100        1.0 <-- ??olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3. Z, C3 ?' z' Z8 x7 d2 C
             200       1.2 <--  ??世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站2 b. W4 q1 n! D, Z+ q2 Q% _
olddo.com9 @5 ]3 x+ J, }6 k
) m4 j1 n4 K0 B) w. q
thanks a lot~ :D
. n/ n1 B! v* u% H& o; I3 q世界初攝影團olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl36 A3 C7 f* J7 C4 q3 Z5 w* v7 K


如果E5的ISO真有這麼好,為何O記要放棄4/3??世界初攝影團3 J: `- v8 J; q9 F% e- c5 K7 x8 ?


回復 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130181&ptid=18033]OlympusDSLR 的帖子[/url]olddo.com3 h+ [$ H9 F5 j% t) ?% H

. E/ o) I6 L/ _7 B  q% p世界初攝影團The lower number the less w. j5 C1 e( k7 l* q! K: n* [- k
世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站! U0 z- R/ M* K$ l8 d1 M8 e; t
For example 1.0 or 1.1 -- extremely low N$ a( c4 q: a) I. m' e# S; q
                    1.2 or 1.4 -- very low noise
+ I# u4 D, u* D+ H, d世界初攝影團                    1.7 or 1.8 -- low noise
5 j/ `1 Q8 O' a3 g( {  A"                    2.1 or 2.2 -- moderately low noise世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站. f6 [& R, L0 K& L# F8 {3 {
                    2.4 or 2.5 -- moderate noiseolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3  n5 r! |- m8 t7 i* B! T
                    3.0 and above -- unacceptable
) x) R" X; p. }1 f- ]* O& S/ E世界初攝影團
5 z) b! Z5 K( molddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3I rarely see noise lower than 1.0.
7 q& {# |& t1 o+ X8 K6 Y1 h世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站


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, w! a0 i1 r3 Y% O( k; f' q世界初攝影團9 ^  O" t: O$ ?8 ~- q2 o3 ?
回復 ahip 的帖子olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl30 }, J3 Y% ]6 x/ T' c

1 f# I; G5 e4 ]4 g; m( L9 `0 T4 ?世界初攝影團olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3& P2 e/ O. i; l* A
如果E5的ISO真有這麼好,為何O記要放棄4/3??8 G7 ]3 G% {+ n
3 n7 q6 @% |) V/ r# K7 \" ~世界初攝影團"If" they want to give up 4/3, this issue has been disscussed years before the announcement of P: Y8 s$ Q* f2 ^1 Y, F
On the other hand, I would like to see if E5 will bring Olympus back to highly support 4/3 again!!! :-) # d0 B! g* l( P7 d: _* L
In addition, the problems for Olympus are not only for ISO.世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站+ P1 X$ _2 f4 X' Q9 t- g
世界初攝影團# F* M3 G) U* b% x
It is only my opinion why they are doing bad to push them to give up:olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3! B$ ^  \- `9 E; a9 W
Multiple reasons:世界初攝影團0 Q4 Y  w+ x2 ~; C" |2 F
Marketing, How many times you see the ad of Olympus vs Canon and Nikon from TV? I just don't believe that Canon put the "powerful" ad of 60D focusing on tilting LCD screen on every magazines and reviewers love it. We all know that Olympus has the same screen since 3 years ago even at lower model. Where is the "powerful" ad of Olympus? We all know that less new users come to Olympus and result in much less users to buy additional lenses. Why don't they lower the price of bodies and then they will purchase more lenses for profit if Olympus do believe in their lense quality.
9 q9 ~6 x- R, J, b0 B; v世界初攝影團世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站- _& Y8 \1 j8 J
Leadership, The CEOs I heard are all from medical system not camera system. They are short of people in R&D of camera system. Now they are busy in M4/3 system. Wish they will come back to 4/3 earlier?
8 c4 A# m1 a& G" T' F9 @世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站
3 k7 f) L. s3 F* I# x' Bolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3Product developing, they don't diverse the product line. Canon APS-C has 7D-60D-600D(T3i)-550D(T2i)-500D(T1i)-450D(XSi)-400D(XS) that can satisfy all the levels of customers. How about Olympuse? We have seen E5 5 months ago and when are we going to have E50 or E650 released? People from dpreview have push Olympus to produce wider range of fixed and zoom lenses and never get any response. If you want to shoot bird and unable to pay for 300mm F2.8 and where is 300mm F4.0 or F5.6? Where is the 400mm F4.0 or F5.6? How about 200 (250) F2.8 or F4.0? Olympus has standard lense of 25mm pancake. Where is the HG or SHG 25mm lense (the most popular range)? Everyone who need higher quality of 25mm range go to Panosonic for 25mm F1.4. The most advantage of Olympuse is the 2X crop factor for sports or birds photography. Where is the whole line of their telephoto fixed and zoom lense?
; s6 x5 w2 M5 B; k) ^9 ~- Y3 polddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3% v7 E: h( r8 y$ @& ^. U2 A) S
Sale, How many peole satisfy the price they mark? None! From my understanding, the smaller company who want to win the battle from the giant company always provide lower price and higher quality to customers. Olympus need to built up their basic customers with much lower price as the beginning.  As long as the "fans" are built up they for sure will upgrade the body or lenses later on. K5 is similar to E5, how is the price difference? How about D7000 or 60D? In addition, I rarely see Olympus dslr demonstrated in my local store but lots of Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic dslr. why?
; Y* u  O$ Z4 P* p" s! q2 P; L8 K( Iolddo.com世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站8 Y5 q8 w3 ^8 ?6 n6 Y" X) ^! K
R&D, I have mention the shortage of research people. E5 will be much better if they have more people to add more focus point, metering zone, bigger buffer, more powerful features such as scanning panorama, in camera HDR, auto distortion correction, touch AF screen, easier self preset mode, built in SWD, multiple ratio of frame without sacrifing sensor size and more....
/ h( q  E' A' d0 D$ e- ` J, _8 u( {$ J- F6 [" x6 G5 }
Please keep in mind Olympus will "hardly" give up 4/3 since digital camera is a small fraction of their business.4 D' j, o; O. j  K( L
This may not a good example,4 ?% c! ]; T8 E& @
It is like you are selling "stink tofu" with "kimchi". People also like your kimchi, thus you sell kimchi too. Now you sell less kimchi. Are you going to quit selling it? No, you still sell stink tofu with kimchi. Olympus make tons of medical and lab equipments and they gain huge revenue from it. Since you have invested many machines to make the best ingredients (lenses) for kimchi. Are you going to quit that easy? Without 4/3 all of the legendary lenses will gone. Is it possible? No one will buy those big lenses on M4/3 camera to increase the size again! {# l  h! k- S6 s
世界初攝影團, l# G/ t* a& E( p1 q6 b* G
We know all of those reasons I mention above and it is not that difficult to success. They are not stupid. I think that they just don't want to do it or follow the tradition. The major help will be the changing of CEO who will put a little bit more focus on 4/3 but unfortunately not this new one who came from medical system again.
7 k4 y% e! t/ E
! v% L3 r) ~1 B$ ]0 j
/ @4 F3 e  I" G4 |( K: c世界初攝影團
) t5 m5 c0 R4 L! D9 Z6 R9 m世界初攝影團


不逛剛剛去DPREVIEW看了一下 他暗處的噪點相較起來還是很高耶 olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3& ^( O4 @2 s$ [# ?; `
就iso比較起來 還是K-5表現最好耶世界初攝影團  ], f% w/ L* W- F% F( y


回復 13# kennychiu 9 ^  L3 H2 o. r7 q& L  X" @
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl35 s0 z) _: z5 e2 w4 C  T  Y2 F

( s5 T" w# c' q# q世界初攝影團NALUWANKING find a link for us:; U+ u! L2 L: d) f5 I3 @2 @; B

1 i; @" S" X' q, _0 solddo.com有一則對岸專業的評測,也值得參考 O3 ?( Q/ ]" a1 s& v' L
. Q. s2 E3 ]* R; n; b世界初攝影團olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆- U9 q+ P% W% k: F( Oolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl37 ^" I  z+ w4 v3 L: C& e6 [5 ?
是否能成功 奧林巴斯E30對比奧林巴斯E3世界初攝影團2 \) ~# Q. @- B
0 i" |( b% S; k5 L* {! Jolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3世界初攝影團; H1 w  B& J. W4 `6 m  r. y7 C9 N8 a& @5 f' k' P* v. o
(一至三頁)olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl34 y2 J, z, z$ `( K1 G

0 D4 Z% L& o; P% `olddo.comThe ISO of Olympus camera is good in bright area but not very good in huge dark area!世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站4 K3 o6 j% V- k/ X2 G7 |$ i

$ V) A8 V: K6 \3 `' Eolddo.comHere is E30 (not E5) as reference.

9 W; M/ w7 p5 [) n3 H9 q4 oolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3這是同樣是測試大站的dpreview在K-5的評測裡面的一段2 `* w# |. a  ]- n6 @* j" S0 p/ H0 G" {
可以自由指定ISO並下載原圖: `) X9 K* i  v1 S/ Y3 S8 w2 S
2 A0 y! w+ [. r世界初攝影團但是可以肯定的說至少4/3系統在高ISO方面確實有提升了! M* X2 C+ E4 w( g
& K/ y8 H' z3 h. i+ p& Yolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3世界初攝影團/ q) \( n- M8 \
E-5的ISO 1600世界初攝影團( i( l& d3 \+ ]: x3 K  j

/ j0 ~8 `! R1 }* a8 s* c世界初攝影團K-5的ISO Z5 z0 Z6 W9 M. _1 V" \$ q
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl30 |$ P8 \& f+ R* o* e: L
E-5的ISO a' E" d1 I7 Q2 q) k

- K2 V5 Q! \# ^0 {$ N: i1 a世界初攝影團世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站; p! W( ~* ~# U
小弟個人習慣白天開著ISO1600 插著超廣角f/8掃街快拍
% x8 J- `2 ^3 T3 z: L世界初攝影團晚上就是ISO 3200 換成f/5.6快拍世界初攝影團7 x( G7 L! \2 t  _8 P% [( Y/ g8 `  A


回復 15# lhmd
* D" X! y, t3 U2 j世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站; ^& S- F) o5 a: t/ }  @+ l
You may feel happy with the result; but please keep in mind that it is produced in the "light" studio. You may not get such good response on the street at night. It is true as previous kennychiu's finding that there are some noise in the dark area. Please make sure that you have a well exposure in your pictures. 世界初攝影團6 a! ^& m; D1 l5 I$ A
Go E5!


本帖最後由 lhmd 於 2011-4-29 07:46 編輯 olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3* r$ g5 p& k1 m. E
世界初攝影團( h& Y8 W" A( _8 K
回復 16# ching43202
) U+ `1 m2 \& x) G; f8 T4 s世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站世界初攝影團3 b  F/ d$ X. X5 ]
# h  S7 z0 b" T+ L- y
世界初攝影團& c& n2 m2 I$ E" B
    LET'S GO E5!! olddo.com6 u" z& ~5 J; M$ {. m
世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站6 X5 c9 G  W% D: y. t) f4 T
    I believe in "exposure to RIGHT" , z- t/ h& k4 Q3 N: m

; }  n4 d6 x7 m* \世界初攝影團    so those dark noise don't really make many troubles for me 4 K/ @! i7 I2 \3 n' _

8 Q0 P3 X2 s' p-    but sometimes I need  more fast shutter speed to freeze the target........
9 g# b* c" E  b8 v0 _世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站  世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站9 }  W  |2 s' k
    ISO 6400 or - EV ?


回復  ching43202 % {+ c. |1 K* C* V+ h; \0 E( `
世界初攝影團9 G1 A+ r. E5 L8 L
世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站6 j+ _: q) Y8 S% i4 {

9 Z  d0 A* P# E& w; y7 c8 g世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站    LET'S GO E5!!* J& l- p5 P, {3 s! O

+ o% S8 y% y; m/ Q) A6 r8 d世界初攝影團    I believe in "exposure to RIGHT" ,
6 v/ R' U! Y7 u3 t# ?世界初攝影團
+ m: D0 b+ A& [: Q世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站    so th ...
# ?2 Y; @( c1 K* \. G$ Elhmd 發表於 2011-4-28 23:44
世界初攝影團. C/ G  `" y8 c6 l
世界初攝影團8 C; f& [- x" P
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl32 n1 G. {0 Y* \2 a- |8 C- c
    Your another option - go for F1.4 or 2.0. olddo.com7 u% B" i& Q. t: \; [4 q/ L( p
olddo.com4 ~! {$ K$ p% ]2 l$ n2 j
You are right that ISO 6400 is not a good choice until necessary.


回復 18# ching43202' t& p9 n( [6 ^

0 ^: R, Z; b7 m& c# O$ a
1 K/ ]+ |* K3 }/ e0 ~2 A8 R世界初攝影團I have no money.......
- W- ~0 s: m( X9 c世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站# H4 f3 ~" f5 F, X9 U
and...and sometimes f/5.6 or smaller aperture is still needed for larger depth of field


回復 19# lhmd
4 x  k3 L; M, N! [1 H  B: N% D世界初攝影團olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3/ z5 p# [, n  c; F; o
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3$ v0 l* g5 B% H
    If you really want to save money there is a way that you can buy cheap used Nikon, Canon, or Olympus F1.4 lenses for about only US$100. You also need to buy an adaptor for 4/3 system. I bought a new Rokinon 85mm F1.4 for this purpose but it will be manual focus only. For your reference.


回復 20# ching43202 世界初攝影團4 D, U' F% Y; W* B1 B

9 f+ P1 s! \  L. D0 N世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站I had CZJ 35/2.4 and pentacon 50/1.8 before
- |0 T) ]. j/ Dolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3They are realy  bargens (maybe CZJ isn't anymore..... )
- X  V/ @: G9 S' d1 V世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站MF makes me...... olddo.com1 e+ G6 G. h5 v" N
Thanks anyway~


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