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[E30][12-60mm] Dam in Winter

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9 Z2 r4 V; `, D) m% |0 A7 I
5 @" r5 S6 o8 A3 K# WWinter is leaving but not the Dam yet.3 V% F7 d! ^) N; x% O/ i9 j" x
You never see this at Taiwan or maybe 2012! :-)
; p" k2 q; V$ o; H: fWelcome to comment in Chinese.
0 ?( o2 I7 @" t8 ]7 s8 |Sorry I can type only in English.
5 h% Y5 w! p8 N( B% L% T4 D#1 Frozen Dam_0001.jpg  Nice path to the top.
" a# J% M; u8 M6 |2 _- X6 Y9 K( O% ~: {' R

  X% b# B9 h# ?1 S% m' ]: P2 w#2 Frozen Dam_0002.jpg  See, I am on the river of the downstream with my coat.
8 f9 T: J) t: o& g) U
; ?+ |! I; i& A, H3 o9 T1 O) y8 d7 ?$ \/ ]$ Q& g$ ?
#3 Frozen Dam_0003.jpg  Tai-Chi, Ice vs Water!( Q+ Q2 W  d( ?6 n( ]; l
1 s; c! {- ~: P

- K+ O$ \( }0 y$ n- s& S#4 Frozen Dam_0004.jpg  Is it pretty on the shore?# W; h2 ^+ c8 e
$ n5 R% t9 I; b3 f4 f; ?; i9 A9 n

3 ^- m3 P3 s$ z) Q#5 Frozen Dam_0005.jpg  All the clams are frozen.- H8 F* j  _: h  ^5 p+ t- f
" z! S9 T3 _' L# y5 k

7 c$ z, @* ?- s& q. h% o; p#6 Frozen Dam_0006.jpg  Do you see the big frozen water-drops on the front?
) {* U  ?: Y3 c/ l8 b8 R7 M1 }; W$ a7 M% R  T# n
* |2 C9 C% |4 P& j
#7 Frozen Dam_0007.jpg  How God make all of these views?4 g" T5 S" {: ?4 S/ }) u$ S

* M- b" A; l" w) V9 A8 `) V$ X5 ?# c7 i5 |4 r5 |& s  J0 G6 T7 ]
#8 Frozen Dam_0008.jpg  You can walk on the lake but not too far!
. v/ H; ^1 H( D% s1 P( }$ @! p* }: x0 r& S6 ~' `/ Z; p
/ m/ J8 c! A& @4 [( d! t: I* r& L
#9 Frozen Dam_0009.jpg  People throw rocks to the float.
9 q' Q/ S  h' ^/ h; R$ ~! |5 k- @5 u  E3 @3 B
: o6 q! U9 A) |2 x$ f8 K6 W
#10 Frozen Dam_0010.jpg  Do they still alive? Look delicious!, Z* r- U: m, n0 r7 n7 ]1 H
# `9 A. O; @( B  _

; O# [' J3 v- |7 @$ I  H3 _#11 Frozen Dam_0011.jpg  Ice-Water-Ice..../ T! Z' \: O  Y* f

Thanks for sharing the beautiful scene we can't see in Taiwan.
! e' A% Q# W' Y. a. C9 ?2 ^I am also wondering whether the clams are still alive or not


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  u: ^% Q' K$ ~& b1 d( }$ I9 u  y
Not long you may see this at Taiwan as long as human keep killing the earth.
$ R% I6 ^8 H( n& c
/ I- I/ ~6 [' e3 p- n$ y9 [I read your article of "My E-system" with a through introduction of lenses. I am thinking a lense either 25mm 1.4 or 14-35mm 2.0 for low light wedding and others.  I know 14-35 is more expensive but it has 2.0 at 14mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 35mm thus it may be cheaper by seeing this way. It is hard to find review of both lenses anywhere not to mention the comparison (25mm vs 25mm). I am not sure the quality (sharpness) at edge of 25mm at 1.4.   j) @' M7 w# |8 R1 o) p2 u& P) b
4 f* G0 }$ {% |6 u- `
Would you please raise this issue with another article?
% j$ w0 Q' ~# f2 L
4 t9 x+ c6 v" t5 ^' b  EThanks!
. m* T" b4 J  c# G; ]


#4這張真特別3 Q  H* w3 V; T5 C
第一次看到3 ~6 d0 {+ A* b- G6 W& ?! Z


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! \7 P7 O6 b9 U0 n% ^
' a1 b  l# V& M' m9 [8 B& g& O+ _This is also my first time to see this at the dam because I always hide in the bed during this weather!!!


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