Bookmark and Share [最新] Congratulation to E5 again!!!

[最新] Congratulation to E5 again!!!

Another media - BILD from Germany also put E5 in No 1 seat in the magazine./ n6 D  O* c7 R! E% R8 M; c: g

. B! w! _6 o; w& Y' ~, ?世界初攝影團It is described as "1st place: E-5. The image quality of Olympus Olympus E-5 is great and the facilities really great. Test score 1.43 (very good) "世界初攝影團& n& t- {+ L7 q1 H. _& Q& s, m

+ [2 ?9 D( A. e# polddo.comYou are welcome to check it out from this link:

: ]+ H- {4 R3 y世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站

Again please use google to translate to either Chinese or English.

世界初攝影團2 s! b$ N% n) V5 H$ F' ^0 u

0 n0 O; I  x- }& u. W6 W世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站
! v! ?: B. P: t% ]3 ZHowever, the real winner should be Canon and the loser is Nikon!
% U! c* X9 ~; d0 H4
! e4 Q, ], ]$ g+ N& n( S8 k  vYou know German people just as Japanese people and I trust their data more than those from USA because they all grade E5 as No1!( H3 w1 f4 v( p! E' y
世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站" q9 P) u9 S: j% o

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