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300mm F2.8 samples?

I am intereting in 300mm F2.8 for sports or birding; however I don't see many pictures here or 9 P6 D8 P3 `( p& j1 s
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With the 2X cropped sensor Olympus has many advantages of telephoto photography. However, I didn't see many option of telephoto lenses both zoom and fixed lenses. The only choice of 300mm F2.8 demonstrates less sample picture on the internet even dpreview. In addition, it is so difficult to find review of this lense from internet. I also try flickr but they can search camera model for you but not the lense. I may miss some options. Interesting, most of the bird picutres post by Alder is using Nikon D7000. Do you know anywhere I can see some "high quality" pictures or review of this lense?
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Thanks for your help!
) n. t/ e! D+ @/ A; h

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: B. Z; A; s, T- r( V! y4 W& x* ?; j! d6 V w7 d3 }: h' J6 T4 G/ L
for your information.# H! G. L6 z+ x! m

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: B# K0 M) y  J- g4 y8 R6 h/ FWould you please give me the link again since it may not complete?$ s/ t2 t4 S8 m& G

2 O6 i7 R+ R6 ^0 j4 Y- D9 G' @Thanks,
# m' i: Y; ]7 ^2 m' \$ i


回復 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130453&ptid=18095]ching43202 的帖子[/url]7 e. e8 l+ B. M! x. ]# u2 f( Y
5 u4 U8 ~4 j) t- I/ ^. e
OLYMPUS E3+ZD300mmf2.8+EC14 使用心得分享+ P- x0 i% J4 V, \2 S+ i

2 _: v1 l8 \4 M3 M  Z1 N# x9 e& X4 c9 ~) p- O* u


回復 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130454&ptid=18095]dergodepa 的帖子[/url], Z, M& k) x! i! r
' E$ N, I8 ]. I8 X/ `) l
Thank you for this link. I just enjoy his introduction of 150mm f2.0 last week but all of his own links were disconnected. " h$ J' n6 R0 ?$ O0 Z
. ^! s/ w$ ?! C1 j0 u
It will take me a while to digest.  g9 E  Q. `9 y  ^! [

1 Z/ A5 C# G: k5 {/ U5 ?Thanks again,: `+ m8 Z" B# \( G: u; j9 r


ching43202 發表於 2011-2-22 13:08 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130455&ptid=18095][/url]
: V* l% c6 p/ x  J; ?' L回復 dergodepa 的帖子2 }2 z& }2 P, |2 C; N+ L6 z; b) o
6 M8 m2 J1 f& ]1 ?! m  u
Thank you for this link. I just enjoy his introduction of 150mm f2.0 last wee ...
/ L9 W4 L- ^! z/ v% ^' _

0 h9 b: i' s3 {* tHere are some great photos taken with ZD 150/2.0.; X* L% ^0 `4 L" M' x5 n; D; B. W

$ \+ N: N1 }  EAfter reading the thread, I bought E-5!
0 p" s/ o- b/ g  u; O# M


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" b$ ?% W* }& Z- I% B1 A: b& B
5 I0 X/ e! A+ TYes I have read that link and I encourage all of dSLR users to see the extreme quality of Olympus.& M* ^2 [) s2 O: i' C' Q
% C! N$ t9 s1 C# ~+ @
It takes me couple days to enjoy all of the picture of 150mm F2.0.- Q: X8 m1 n. F( Q
/ x$ x  Q1 i; c( K0 R
You should have the SHG lense to get the best quality :-)0 o- S* O+ G+ s) U0 {, @8 q

" _( J) P# q' W" O$ tSince I have E30 last year the next target is SHG lense.
, \" v1 T7 ?; R1 @
  m3 I2 n" u6 }( H5 vI know 150mm F2.0 is great but I take many pictures of soccer game. 50-200mm can just cover half of the field. I think 300mm + EC1.4 is the only option.( n: e2 I* I$ a4 @

; k* k! `' ]$ S& S


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. N6 |6 y* J+ N. W8 r
you can try E5 + EC-20 + 50-200mm SWD then you can have the mid-long-term shooting range instead of a fixed long-term range when you use E-30 + EC-14 + 300mm.
0 R9 T- i3 V7 N3 Y4 |3 ^Even the aperture will drop 2 stops when you a EC-20, the usable high ISO of E-5 can make up this loss.
* t+ h! O, G+ I


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3 ~8 O- k* u6 a& s
I do have a EC1.4. After adding it with 50-200mm I can tell the little drop of the quality and worse bokeh (sometimes very bad bokeh) not to mention the smaller of aperture. In addition, even with SWD the missing rate (fully miss the subject) also increased a little (soccer game by tracking players). Thus, I don't want this zoom lense with EC2.0. The EC2.0 may be better for SHG.  Thus, 150mm F2.0 + EC2.0 to 300mm F4.0 may be another choice. 2 C$ P3 L# B6 L/ V& b6 {. r- K

) l5 `1 m4 g6 K( VOlympus still have many choice or combination. :-)
2 l& }: j* d$ `! n: u


I think it will disappoint you when you really use the combination of EC-20 with a non-SWD SHG lens since you are not satisfied with the focus accuracy / speed of EC-14 with 50-200mm SWD.
/ k. u1 k4 H5 U, F8 mAccording to my experiences, with the EC-20, a SWD powered HG lens still works better than a traditional SHG lens at the portion of auto-focusing even the adepture of SHG is 1 to 1.7 stops higher.* b, N0 r% X( _) S: ]  |
Maybe you can borrow a SHG and give it a shot.

0 B' j5 t0 v2 K* f. x) U* H7 ~. Cfor your information.!
8 V' z6 q; r/ k; A6 O; z6 m- d' H5 d& c1 n* b: g$ Y


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* ?' Z: u; r( {" v0 b, k9 h/ I3 m& A0 Z6 F
Thanks, there is another good one from mobile01.


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