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請問E5長時間曝光 未開降躁
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回復 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130666&ptid=18151]speedtriple 的帖子[/url]olddo.com9 }* V/ [: e* ?

2 F% m  E1 ?( p0 C& f+ f: c& o1 j& e世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站I watch a video from youtube about the overnight taking pictures of stars under -10oC!
: I) k3 k7 n5 X) G$ Z1 t) y! ?olddo.comThe main purpose is the all weather quality of E5 at extreme weather.世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站+ `5 H2 J6 n5 X! p
But those pictures look pretty good and amazing!
6 D6 J  L2 R# R$ Q1 G, l' i* Volddo.comolddo.com1 D0 u* o* F6 ?' j  F
Go ahead and search for it! :-), A0 ], h' w, N


There is another video (may from the same one of Europe) shooting video and go under the lake for couple seconds.  Yes, under the water! Check it out from youtube.


不知道是否有誰可以幫 我翻譯XD


ching43202 發表於 2011-2-27 06:44 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130702&ptid=18151][/url]世界初攝影團* S( G/ a# h; m% S+ n1 `% n' b
There is another video (may from the same one of Europe) shooting video and go under the lake for co ...

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I saw the video, too. A guy took his E-5 in the hot spring and shower. It still work well.
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回復 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130739&ptid=18151]seabooket 的帖子[/url]世界初攝影團$ M' n: h! e# ?, d; T
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl30 u. v- q& u% v. j* B0 H
Would you please provide those links to everyone?
2 O1 Q6 a  m6 O( o7 G8 C$ O, U世界初攝影團世界初攝影團4 G6 W9 J7 |2 D- D, s
Thanks,世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站) u. R4 T0 F: s1 I; ^


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世界初攝影團, j2 v! ]) }. l' S! ?1 i. a
Someone already po it before.
( [# R" @4 Z0 Q1 L7 S世界初攝影團press


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