Bookmark and Share [最新] Olympus SZ-30MR just released but more....

[最新] Olympus SZ-30MR just released but more....

本帖最後由 ching43202 於 2011-5-26 16:34 編輯 世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站, E5 n; J  y3 h2 }  }# s

- B# a* Z" R+ g& Q世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站The good news is not this P&S camera but many creative features such as 16mp sensor, dual truepic engine, backlit sensor, 9 fps, full HD video plus 3D effect (can record 2 videos at one time - in wide-angle and close-up or...), MR technique (another world innovation). "The SZ-30MR is the first camera ever to offer simultaneous recording of 1080p Full HD movies and 16 Megapixel still photos." Quoted. 世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站' D+ i8 P3 Y/ A* x  ]
世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站+ A* u" A) i0 G7 F1 U
My point is What if these features are in 4/3 dslr - coming E50?世界初攝影團! y" z" J+ p4 {
Has Olympus gave up 4/3? Maybe not!世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站$ d# y) T2 L0 L; k8 X+ U* }
Need your input...世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站' ~& w6 w3 r9 \* q. K( O
世界初攝影團% w& ^- U; G: n9 Q, U, @

: ?/ v' I1 [0 Z5 E世界初攝影團世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站$ z4 o. L) _; f
Here is the links,
3 i. m% _. i4 t$ c& u世界初攝影團世界初攝影團8 c2 W1 a4 O6 }' J% z0 ~1 t
( Y& N  P! V2 [' _, j* o
! R% i+ h7 C' |5 [世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站

這台最重要的應該就是在 Dual TruePics III+ 上.世界初攝影團! W- G1 ^9 q: E' Y2 ^3 K
這代表O記有多處理器技術. 可以透過這樣的方式增強影像處理效能' N# N3 Y% F9 Q0 p
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3: H5 h9 F( K' ~6 _" E6 d
至於這些會不會用在43上? 我個人是比較悲觀一點...3 c& X7 _- p6 l" x- @7 l( w, C
除了連拍外, 這台機子上新的技術大多都是加強錄影的能力.以及彈性使用新的感光元件所達到的一些特效.
: T! |9 G; a7 q$ T) A0 h/ T1 \olddo.com43 感光元件和 DC用的感光元件還是有很大的技術差異. 1 B7 `  N2 e, s) s2 a5 a- E; N$ m4 x% g' p
就算把雙處理器的技術用到43/m43上* s, O. F( h& W4 A
3 i% _# ~( Z7 T7 ]世界初攝影團畢竟O記的架構對於錄影會有先天的缺陷.世界初攝影團& n1 b% G$ B( k- Z' N; y

' w' M6 D& N" b' Y! U6 H! aolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3世界初攝影團+ ~6 S7 }# {1 t7 H8 d+ ~


Evilcat 發表於 2011-3-4 02:11 [url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=130869&ptid=18190][/url]
0 j4 P2 d4 \! p1 v世界初攝影團這台最重要的應該就是在 Dual TruePics III+ 上.世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站7 f2 C% m/ ?+ W$ X
這代表O記有多處理器技術. 可以透過這樣的方式增強影像處 ...

5 ]- O: c" Q1 {( w8 D
; B5 M7 F* z- F2 n1 p$ {) {I think that the idea of dual processors to increase frame-per-second (fps) rate is from Canon 7D.
. K. V$ w: D) Q  S# G+ Z5 E世界初攝影團 K% o3 x  B  N" }. l, q
For me it is a must for E50. Everyone know the major 2X crop sensor advantage is for the telescope zoom including birding or sport photography. High fps is a must for those purposes. People may buy Canon or Nikon (especially FF) for portrait but I wish people will buy Olympus for birding or sports. 世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站5 ^+ I& B, W$ b
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3' z; J3 Z. z3 g: s' N6 W2 K: J  p3 e
For video recording E5 with dramatic effect filter will reduce the rate to 10 fps which is way too slow for high quality video. Yes, you may not use it for video but I do believe more people will use it rather than camcorder soon. This is another major reason 5DMII beat D700 so much. Dural processors may help for the fps in video taping.
- D) G' b: l1 \; D7 H$ T# S. z. A世界初攝影團世界初攝影團8 [: }6 Q" v3 C( _& v0 W; X1 C
It will be great if the dural processors will even assist the AF calculation and noise reduction! That's why I wish all of these can be transferred to E50 if they want to make one.
! y2 ~& ?1 y/ M1 B( z; X4 C2 _- M世界初攝影團


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