Bookmark and Share [最新] Another great invention of Olympus? The fastest AF?

[最新] Another great invention of Olympus? The fastest AF?

If it is a true news Olympus will fight back to this market easily.世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站8 J/ ^) r. Q, b, Z

2 L, b* g( }& L; C# ~; G世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站All new AF system, sensor, and lens (12mm F2.0) make a perfect combination.
' w5 k! l' k) V0 q: a世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站, M. p8 w) t9 W; `6 B
I just don't believe my eyes.olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3. _' F+ K2 i+ ?( U0 @$ \& J
世界初攝影團/ [* M) Z' G- i: A. G
Is there anyone can briefly translate this into Chinese?世界初攝影團2 d9 ^* z* B5 N7 Q7 B8 Z/ I; N
+ x; |7 e7 ~/ |6 l
Can Google do this translation too?olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3% ]# ?' v3 m/ ?2 |: p" ~- ]3 L1 B$ B,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3: z$ O. w4 A% I

! j# S3 l1 L3 t. `) x4 M: l: B世界初攝影團Even it is from a rumor website but most of time it is a place for preleasing news.
" o0 y4 x9 x6 ^% l; E3 W. Volddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3, p0 x- ~  E- ]* H& j. ]  @
It is FT5 - the hightest level - almost certainly correct.世界初攝影團# J+ ?  }2 w" m. H/ J
世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站9 J1 T! D8 H( u( m$ l; {: |

Let's wait and see.
! P& b. n% B# G  B  _& L3 P4 e, g3 q世界初攝影團
^_^ 歡迎參觀我的臺南古蹟照片輯


回復 2# elf0724
) m/ u1 w# [% \3 b  ?  Y0 n& a1 a( ^; X

! S2 V7 a8 A- O' H8    It will be the end of this month - June 30th which is not too far.
( {8 }0 N' G( }) c0 m世界初攝影團: G5 B; `8 W, ]
Remember this day!, j, [5 J$ z7 t* ^* ]
世界初攝影團& ~6 R% L5 B; l1 W


本帖最後由 naluwanking 於 2011-6-18 03:22 編輯 世界初攝影團1 e# u( A! t; o8 ]. P. X

! h/ m, [" ^+ I, |回復 1# ching43202 olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3, Y- L0 ], j+ q' y1 a' H: Z
這裏有兩則中文翻譯和討論 r& k! _2 t( q0 [0 G; i, o

, z' M  i9 [: ?2 Xolddo.comO家新機將使用超越DSLR相位式對焦速度的超極速對焦系統
( C8 K& k4 `9 U* A+ m世界初攝影團
) i" V( Q5 d7 V( v7 c世界初攝影團奥巴ep3等的对焦系统大革命,快过gh2和5d~~~
4 K) [& A  d" w0 [+ {世界初攝影團(漢譯在第四樓)


回復 4# naluwanking
- `- k6 a0 g* d; ~' M# \  F世界初攝影團
, o' Y5 S. K2 S. h
  l0 @5 v  ~( X- ]* D# j! }( s9 Tolddo.comThank you for the searching. I just found the first one from mobile01 too.
% T, ~+ T/ j" }0 h& O' T/ s世界初攝影團世界初攝影團9 K) O3 ~- q8 g7 |# J
Just can't wait for that long!
' V( F; i! b2 Rolddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3
; s# p5 u  w# h/ d2 H  ?( K6 Colddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3Here is another one from mobile01
5 `; ?$ K% H2 u世界初攝影團
8 ]0 ]3 l6 W1 ?: g* S; X  g9 `: H一封來自OLYMPUS的邀約,莫非傳說中的E-P3?世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站% C5 n. @# ~: T: H0 q5 P' M  R* l/ y

  p; m% d. V4 ^* C3 q
0 G! O& D' W7 k  W7 ~% Holddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl3
" b* M. i0 S( i% M9 g世界初攝影團We still need to buy epl2 or ep2 to support Olympus before June 30th!
0 ?- Q; t3 c" g世界初攝影團 攝影技術本位的網站# N6 ^4 j" O/ q4 i


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