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What? 12mp sensor?! [8 }: F, O( K0 z7 j* a- x
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I need to crop many photos from my sport and bird photography.! p+ a, d2 B. c) S6 e
olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl38 [3 w6 M- z: Q& s  X( g
I thought that the sensor will be the 16mp from Panasonic!olddo,E5,E3,E1,E520,E420,E330,E300,E500,E620,E30,E450,m43,世界初,olympus,zuiko,E520,E330,攝影,測光,教學,9-18mm,攝影教學,E-P1,E-PL1,E-P2,白平衡,m4/3,歐豆,E-m5,E-P3,E-pl33 h# ~/ c: n, B9 ]5 v: n/ v; i1 K  R7 u. P9 r8 {9 @4 W1 [
A little sad....世界初攝影團+ m+ e6 H# Q& U

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