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[心得] 1DX Policy vs 4/3 Policy

When everyone waiting for the new FF will be 36mp the new announced 1DX has only 18mp.
8 M* P! r& J: |0 @1 h7 T7 T
, v% v" U- d9 H! S, |2 ^+ |. K4 h1DX is the best of the best product Canon will provide especially for Olympic game 2012!
; S) Z7 u, w& m4 y3 p- t# o9 f' j* J7 m+ q. b
How do you think about it?5 j! k) z9 y, Y( V# z: g
  G% c! j/ D9 |" t
Is 12mp or 16mp also the upper limit for 4/3 system?

Oh I should make a little table for your reference.
4 _1 N" L  {4 D, N) W* z
( k! a. ?& l& |ISO performance:
4 a/ G" [! L  o* j5 P5 k' WNikon D700 (FF 12mp)    beat   Canon 5DMII (FF 21mp)
2 i- i& K+ u( C/ ^% ]+ b3 X8 ^9 p4 uNikon D3S (FF 12mp)      beat   Canon 1DMIV (APSH 16mp)
' ^/ s: _* c7 J# NNikon ? (FF 36mp?)         beat?  Canon 1DX (FF 18mp)
: }* p2 t) B; V' F& |
1 K2 ~6 N7 L( Z" t0 c! fIn my opinion, Olympus need to put more effort on image quality and AF than pixel size!
6 e2 y5 \9 j& j! `0 w(4/3 sensor 12mp = FF 48mp as the same pixel size)


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